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Maruthi FabTech a production company specializing in medium and heavy fabrications has 2 units stationed in Peenya Industrial Area on a built up area of nearly 50,000 sqft in tandem with another 135,000 sq ft of open space available for future expansions. The increase in demand for its products necessitated the commencement of a new unit in Dobbspet, Karnataka having a built up area of 10,000 sq ft on a land area of 165,000 sq ft.

With excellent infrastructural capabilities in terms of manpower and machinery, MaruthiFabTech has emerged as a name to reckon with in the sphere of fabrication.

The 3 units of Maruthi FabTech are well equipped with the best machinery of leading brands to fabricate products of unmatched and unsurpassed quality with excellence, giving the customer value for money. It is not surprising that Maruthi FabTech is synonymous with quality and is the most preferred choice of many companies.

The company is well supplied by means of power lines with capacities of 65KVA, 150 KVA & 200 KVA. In addition to this the company has Captive power of capacity 125KVA, 165 KVA & 125 KVA.

The company has a workforce of about 100 employees who are well trained, highly qualified, dedicated, committed, and experienced. Being experts in their relevant fields of work with sound experience in machining and shot blasting operations, the company has set its standards of high quality deliverables. The skilled teams of welders are appropriately qualified and certified for FCAW and GMAW.

Lending credence to Maruthi FabTech’s position in the market as a leading industry specializing in medium and heavy fabrication is the strong infrastructural capabilities inclusive of material handling and production machinery. The company is equipped with EOT cranes capable of handling materials in varying capacities ranging from 1ton to 20 tons. The company’s 1000ton press brake capable of bending 12mm to 20mm Hardox of 7 meter length has given Maruthi FabTech the distinction of catering to companies like M/s Caterpillar.

The material preparation units are fitted with CNC profile cutting machines with hypertherm plasma capable of cutting upto 32mm thickness of material. The fabrication units are also fitted with CNC cutting and bending machines of best makes with different capacities.

For drilling operations Maruthi FabTech has installed Radial, Pillar Type and Magnetic Drilling machines. Boring machines of differing boring capacities are also in place. Grinding machines of different types and purposes namely Bench Grinding, Angle grinding and Straight Grinding have been installed to handle the grinding requirements.

In addition to the above the infrastructural capabilities is further reinforced with Elgi Compressors , Hydraulic Presses, Plano Milling Machines, Plug Cutting Machines, Rolling Machines, Lathe Machines, Shearing Machines and Magnetic Lifters capable of lifting weights upto 700kgs.

List Of Production Machineries

Sl No. Description Qty Capacity Make
1 Bending Machine C.N.C. 1 750 T X 6300 Self Make
2 Bending Machine C.N.C 1 1000TX 7000 Kingsland Haco
3 CNC Bending Machine 1 450T X4500 Hindustan hydraulics
4 CNC Profile Cutting Plasma with HPR 260 1 5500x20000 Messer
5 CNC Profile Cutting Machine with Plasma 1 3000x10000 PRO ARC
6 Boring Machine 1 900 x 1200 FUMA
7 Boring Machine 1 900 x 1200 E-Gard
8 Hydraulic Press 1 150 Tons Self
9 RM 65 Radial drilling Machine 1 65diax3000 Botliboi
10 Radial Drilling Machine 1 RM 65 HMT
11 Pillar Type Drilling Machine 1 Epico
12 RM 90 Radial Drilling M/c 1 Webo 90diax3500
13 Shearing Machine 1 16 x 3000 COLI
14 Plano Milling 1 3000 x 1500 Gujarat
15 Compressor 1 5 H.P Elgi
16 Pug Cutting 4 150 MM Esab
17 Magnetic Drilling 2 04-Nov Ralli Wolf
18 Rolling Machine 1 16 x 2000 Standard
19 Compressor 1 7.5 HP Elgi
20 Lath Machine 2 14" Mihir
21 Bench Grinding M/c 2 12” Ralli Wolf
22 Surface Plate 2 1600 x 1000 MMT
23 Magnetic Lifter 3 700 kgs Aptech
24 Shearing Machine 1 8 x 2000 Godrej
25 Radial Drilling Machine 1 Siddapur
26 Shearing Machine 1 10 x 3000 Hindustan Hydralic
27 Pipe Bending 1 1 “NB” Self
28 Gouging Machine SSR 1 600 amps Esab
29 Co2 Welding Machines 7 500 amps Panasonic
30 Submerged arc welding 2 1000 Amps LINCON /
31 Co2 Welding Machine 4 600 amps ESAB
32 Co2 Welding Machine 10 400 amps ESAB
33 Arc Welding Machine 2 400 amps ESAB
34 Arc Welding Machine 4 300 amps IOL
35 TIG Welding Machine 1 400 amps Esab